URL directions from a News Ticker

Hi... Has anyone here used a news ticker widget?? and if yes, is there any known way to make it so that when one clicks on it, it can take them to the page of whatever news was showing at that point in time? Thanks for you time.
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You can look for a jquery widget and embed it in a Mendix Widget. But you can also write one yourself. Steps, add some to complete it.

  1. Create a newsitem entity (datetime/message/url)
  2. Make a data-entry form for newsitems
  3. Create a newspage entity with an association to current news item.
  4. Create a news ticker page base on newspage entity
  5. Add a microflowlabel or urlredirector (see appstore) with the current newsitem.
  6. Add the microflow timer. set the interval time.
  7. Add a microflow to the timer: change the current news item
  8. Handle the onclick to open the url.