Modeler 5.11.1 checking for errors

I have been using Mendix for quite a while now and the current project I'm working on becomes slower and slower each day (Modeler 5.11.1). The project has grown a lot since the start, but now it's at a point where checking for errors takes about 10 - 15 seconds in which I cannot use the Modeler whatsoever. I don't mind waiting a few seconds, but even adding an action activity causes the Modeler to check for errors and me not being able to do anything for another 10 - 15 seconds. Some of my colleagues seem to have the same problem and others don't. The colleagues that don't have the same problem either have a SSD, or an i7 2.9 GHz processor with Windows 8 (compared to my regular 5400 RPM HDD and i5 processor 2.6 GHz with Windows 7). My question to you all is: What is your experience with required system specs and/or a slow modeler?
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Hmm it's surprising you cannot use the modeler at all during consistency checking, it should be run in the background.

Your computer isn't that bad but on large models there are many checks so it might become a bit too much for it. That said, we haven't profiled consistency checking for a while so if you're willing to share your model (file a ticket) we could maybe do some profiling on it to see if there are quick performance wins.

To make modeling a bit easier for you, you can increase the auto-check delay which is a feature for slower computers or very large models. You can find it in the preferences.