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I am still a newbie at github and I am trying to report a (very small) issue on the community commons in Github. But could it be that the issue tracker is off for this repository? Or am I doing something stupid? I think there should be an icon between code and pull requests that is not there. This issue is that the version number is off in the appstore. In the appstore it is 2.3, when downloaded in the module it is 2.2.1 and in Github it is 2.4 in the documentation. And how could I have fixed this myself in Github? Should I download the mpk, change the version numbering and upload it again in Git? Nice excersice though since I am working on the new country module for 5 and plan to publish it on Git. Regards, Ronald
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You can report issues here

You can create a pull request, if you forked the repository, with your additions/ fixes and we will take care of the versioning.

We've added some basic information about GitHub in combination with Mendix here:

Please let us know, in this question for example, if you find anything we can improve regarding this documentation. Thanks!