IMAP/POP3 incoming mail widget

Hi there, I am trying to build an email client using the widget provided in appstore: IMAP/POP3 incoming mail widget. I downloaded encryption module as well but i cant get the widget to work. I can connect to my emailaccount in step 1 but in step 2 I get: an error occured popup. Modeler 6.8.0 Error: The string provided is not an encrypted string. Returning the plain string. Error while encrypting string: Key should not be empty Anybody a clue ?
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It sounds like you have not set your encryption key. In the Encryption module, in the _USE ME folder there is a constant called EncryptionKey: 'This key will be used to encrypt and decrypt values. The length of this key must be 16 characters.'

Enter a suitable random 16 character key as the value to see if that solves your issue.