DatabaseReplication - Error connecting to Oracle DB

I want to stage my cloud data to a local Oracle. I implemented the DatabaseReplication module. When connecting to the database I get the following error: 'access denied ("java.util.PropertyPermission" "oracle.jdbc.RetainV9LongBindBehavior" "read")' Searching on the internet I found the solution of adding connectionProps.put("oracle.jdbc.RetainV9LongBindBehavior", "true"); to the java code. But then I got ther error: 'access denied ("java.util.PropertyPermission" "oracle.jdbc.database" "read")' Following the same reasoning, I added connectionProps.put("oracle.jdbc.database", "true"); connectionProps.put("oracle.jdbc.autoCommit", "true"); connectionProps.put("oracle.jdbc.protocol", "true"); connectionProps.put("oracle.jdbc.StreamChunkSize", "true"); But now, I am stuck at the message: 'Connection property: format error: Property is 'streamChunkSize' ' Is there a different solution the connection problem in Mendix? Or should this be solved database side?
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When you get the error: 'access denied ("value 1", "value2" "read/write")' the error is always caused by the cloud security limitations that the Platform enforces.

If you aren't running in the cloud you can easily disable the cloud security emulation.
See this page on how to do that.

If you are running in the cloud you'll have to test this, maybe the cloud ops team has allowed the action recently. If this error happens in the cloud you can enter a ticket to request additional privileges.

But please try and avoid using the properties you have specified, there is no way to work around the cloud security restrictions. So adding those types of properties can only influence the stability of your application.