Form for a list of objects

I want my users to invite other people to events with full name and email address. For each event it will be around 20 people and the action will be done once or twice. I know how to create a form for one Invitation object, but I want to give a form for many Invitations at once. I created a microflow that creates 5 empty invitation objects and passes it to a page. On the page I can display the 5 objects, but I cannot make the attributes editable. What should I do to accomplish this? An example of something like this online can be found here: (click send and then you can add multiple names and email addresses)
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You can achieve that by using a data grid with editable columns or a listview, which also allows editing. The listview provides much more freedom in the layout and styling.

EDIT: Create your objects in a microflow and pass a parent relation as page object to show page. In the page, create a dataview of the parent object and put the data grid or listview in the dataview.

I usually use non-persistent objects for this kind of thing.