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Hi, I have a project that has language set in the project settings to default to English, Australia, and the language box next to apps view selected with the English Australia defaulted language. This has been set ever since the beginning of the project. I continuously see new generated forms with <search>, <new>, <edit>... which is quite frustrating to change. If I select the English US from the drop down, I can see the buttons without the "< >", but all my labels are in another language, so obviously they do not show or display "Label". Now, I have been creating everything in English AUS, but if I look at the language operations, all my changes are being recorded in the English US tab, which puzzles me why?? If I copy from US to AUS, I end up having to re-type every single label, in forms and enumerations, which is a nightmare. Am I doing something wrong here? I have also tried with English UK and I get the exact same problem. I had this issue in versions 2+ and 3+, but did not expect this in v5+. If I do this in English US, I know I have no issues, but if the client is using another English from the US one, we have to comply, so I can only deduct that I must be missing something here and doing something wrong. As anyone else observing this kind of issue? I'm scared to copy across from US to AUS as I don not want to re-type hundreds of labels again. LR.
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Are there that many differences between English US and English AUS? If you leave the default at US and only change the labels that are different for AUS, it will work. It does not look good in the designer with all the <label> stuff but at runtime any label that does not exist in AUS will be taken from US.

Only microflow buttons are a pain: When you create one with the designer at US and change its label, the label in AUS will still be 'Microflow'. And, as far as I know, it is not possible to remove a label in a language that is not the default. So you need to be careful with these or the customer will see 'Microflow' as button label. The language tool menu allows you to find these quickly.