FileManager does not update when page refreshes

Hi I am creating a pdf using Generate Document activity in a microflow that is invoked from a button on a page. The generated document is then being committed to the database in an entity that has a generalization of System.FileDocument. 'Refresh in client' is set to 'Yes' on the commit activity. I am trying to display the document details (filename with a download button) on the page however the FileManager field does not update unless I close and re-open the page. Is there a way to refresh the FileManager field without having to close and re-open the page? Thanks iain
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how are you retrieving the object? I have noticed that returning an object over an association doesn't refresh the page but if you retrieve the object by microflow (and do the retrieve over association in the microflow) it will work


If you want to display the generated document immediately after you create it, add an extra action to the end of your microflow that generates the file, to use the Download File action. You pass the newly created fileDocument to the File Download action.

You can also display the file in the browser if you select the option to do so in this action.