Ask user commit/rollback confirmation when navigating away from an In Content NewEdit page

If a user makes changes in an In Content NewEdit (dataview) page but then selects another tab from navigation without saving, cancelling etc via data view buttons, how can I present the user a commit or rollback confirmation message when they select a new tab? This is easily done with blocking pop up pages since you only have the option to rollback or commit, but with In Content pages if you select a new tab, changes just remain in the cache which means you can't use BCo or BRo event handlers. I realise that there is the AuditTrail module but that doesn't solve the problem of finding the point at which a user navigates away from an In Content page without saving. There are some NewEdit pages which we would rather have In Content not as blocking pop ups. Thanks.
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Hi Timothy,

A fair solution would be to change the layout of your in content pages. In the new layout you could show a 'greyed out' navigation bar, so the user can't leave the page unless he clicks on save or cancel.