Is there a way to check cloud instance like( Test, Acceptance) build errors

Hello, I am trying to build package through "Create package from Team Server" button. But the build fails with errors. There is no message why the build is failed. I could not see any logs. I checked is there any Java compilation errors - No errors. It works fine on Local either thru modeller or Eclipse. i checked jars in build path (Eclipse build path) of the branch with main line - no difference. Branch line is fine and deploys on Test, But Main do not. any suggestions.. I appreciate your help... Regards Chandra
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The problem with create package from teamserver is that if there are errors it is very hard to pinpoint. Since this is quite new functionality it could be that not everything is working like it should. Most of the time it is better to create a local package from the modeller. Just hit F7 and select the branch and version you want to make a deployment package of.

When it goes wrong local the modeller will tell you with specific errors what is wrong. You could edit your posting with the errors you get local so we can help you pinpoint the problem.

The create package from teamserver comes in handy when you know that there are no errors in your model (because you have tested this version) and you want to deploy, because then you save a lot of time. With a local creation you first download the version from the teamserver and then upload the package again to the cloud. In this case creating a package from teamserver skipps the download and upload part and is thus much quicker.