Unable to commit changes in modeller

Hopefully I give enough detail here: Yesterday, I downloaded a branched version of our project (I did not create the branch). Opened it and made changes to a microflow. Tested it, was happy with my changes, and wanted to commit. Upon wanting to commit, I got the standard "your project is out of date" error, and I updated my project again. With no conflicts, I tried committing again, this time it told me I have no changes to commit. I still have the microflow listed under my changes panel, yet it simply doesn't allow me to commit. I've had the other Mendix engineer check his project on his side, and my changes were not committed. I've deleted the entire project folder, done the exercise again, but it's not working. Thanks
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Did you have SVN installed? Because then you can check SVN if you changes have been noticed by SVN. However I never have seen any issues that changes are not being picked up. Double check your console to see if the modeler has any changes. If the commit from the modeler does not work you could try to commit from SVN to see if that helps.