New Image Viewer Widget

First of all: thumbs up for the 2.5 beta looks very nice... I'm not getting the new image viewer widget working that I downloaded from the App Store. When I select the 'Image attribute', I can only select the image Name (without URL) or PublicThumbnailPath. I guess I have to add a postfix or prefix location, but I cannot figure out how it works. What I'd like to do is select the image (object, so no name or url), as it is done with the traditional image viewer widget. I'd like to use the new Widget because of the promising scaling feature. Thanks!
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Well, the widget is not meant to display images the way the traditional image viewer does, it is intended to display images based on a (calculated) URL, in contrast to the traditional viewer which display images stored in your domain model. (The image viewer documentation describes however how the URL of an stored image can be retrieved if you really want to).

Note that the documentation of each image can be found in > your widget > read more > documentation. (or click here)


Thanks for the info!

Where can I add a feature request for scaling of images in the traditional image viewer?