Security Exception sending email ( and Appronto mail

Using the Appronto common email implementation. I receive a security exception sending an email via the Both with 'emulate cloud security' switched on or off. How is this possible and which permissions are needed to get it working? Caused by: null at Method) at at at$1.execute( The Mendix send function is executing the javax.mail.Transport.send function. Which permissions are needed for that?
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Not sure what the root cause was of this issue, however due to use multiple modules using different versions of some java libraries there where some other issues too.

Remove older/duplicated versions from the userlib did also solve this issue.

Much pain is caused by Mendix due to missing properly be handling dependency in java libraries!

  1. The modeler does not removed old libraries when, removing a modules (that imported the lib)
  2. Updating a modules (with newer libs) is not handled nicely when names are different (version number in names)
  3. There is no way multiple version of the same lib could be handled. This might be needed when 2 modules are using the same lib but required different versions

Hi Andries are you receive this error message in the Mendix cloud or on your local machine? Which SMTP settings you use?