Custom requesthandler not working in on premise installation

We are running Mendix 5.13 on a Windows NT 6.2 server (I guess this is Windows 2012 Server). Mendix is accessed through IIS 8. No specific configuration seems to have been done on IIS for reverse proxy'ing or URL rewriting. What I observe is: Basic functionality works fine Deeplink module works fine Custom requesthandler does not work, when we try to access it, we get a 404 page served by IIS. When running locally, everything works fine. When accessing the custom requesthandler without going through IIS (by opening host:8080/mycustomrequesthandler) everything works fine. I can't explain observed behaviour. I would expect that either deeplink module and another custom requesthandler both work fine, or that both don't work. So somehow IIS magically seems to know to do the proper url rewriting for URL's starting with /link (which is where the Deeplink requesthandler runs). Does anyone know what causes IIS to behave in this observed way? I haven't found anything like a file with URL rewriting rules on the server, or anything of the sort in any IIS configuration, but maybe I don't know where to look.
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You have used either ARR or ManagedFusion rewriter for IIS. Add your requesthandler to the rules. They can be found in either the web.config or managedfusion.rewriter.txt file in your web folder.


Thanks Chris, you pointed me in the right direction. It turns out there are different versions of a Mendix installation manual floating around. There's the one Achiel pointed to, which is available online, and there is an offline version, that uses ARR instead of the ManagedFusion rewriter.

Turns out we're using ARR. Knowing this I was able to find the configuration that needed amending.