Selected value of a reference selector is getting removed

hi all, Entity A is associate to anothe enity B via an association A_B. I have a reference selector for this A_B which for obvious reason was created to have a datasource microflow. reference selector from a microflow. baiscally this microflow has a logic which properly restricts the elements to be shown in the dropdown. (this works properly) Now when the page is shown which has this reference selector, the contents of the dropdown are fine but it removes the already selected value! How do i do both then? selection as well, the values to be selected calculation as well.
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A couple of ideas:

  • is the selected value in the list that is returned by the microflow? if not, you won't see the selected value on the page because it is not one of the valid choices
  • In my experience, using constrained and/or Xpath constraints by is a far quicker and better way to achieve what you describe. Is there something about your data model that prevents you from using either constrained by or Xpath?