Calculation/microflow based on or triggered by search field in data grid

I have a data grid of object called 'Opportunity' (sourced from the database) each of which contain a currency value attribute. Below the data grid is a Data view (sourced from a microflow) of an associated object called 'Total' which stores the sum of the currency values. This is such that when an opportunity is committed or deleted, the Total field at the bottom updates accordingly. The total calculation is carried out by microflows when an opportunity is committed or deleted. At the moment, from what is said above, the total includes everything in the database and therefore if a search is done on the data grid to filter out certain opportunities displayed within the grid, the total and the sum of the values in the data grid do not match. I want the data grid searchable on an enumeration attribute in 'Opportunity' and I want the total value at the bottom to change based on what they search on (i.e. what is left from the search/filter). How is this possible?
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You could try to use the default aggregation function of a data grid: select the column with your currency values and select an aggregate function under the general heading of its properties.