How to set Name in System.FileDocument in 2.5?

Currently I'm able to edit objects in the System module. Since my transfer to 2.5 I've got a lot of errors since I set attribute Name of object System.FileDocument in several Microflows. I need to be able to set the Name of a FileDocument in my application since I have to place them in a FTP folder with an ascending message ID. How would I do this in 2.5?
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It is not recommended to manipulate the attribute. This is a system attribute and only for use by the inernal server logic. You can only change this attribute with a microflow running with all rights.

If you want to put files on an FTP location you need to copy a FileDocument to the FTP location using a Java action. You can use the Core.getFileDocumentContent(IContext context, IMendixObject fileDocument) method wich returns an InputStream.


I thought it was possible using a microflow executed with all rights.