onchange event of checkbox set selector

The onchange event triggers when the first selection is made, but if any changes are made after that (selecting additional items, de-selecting items), the onchange even does not appear to trigger.
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The function context.destroyContext is removed from the API. Probably the runtime will now take care of that. You can patch this by checking for the existance of the function before calling.

            if (mx.ui.destroyContext) {

In the checkboxselector.js file. I am not sure about memory management with this. But as long you don't click a thousand times it will work fine.

Other widgets that may be touched by this are

  1. DatagridExtension
  2. GridSelector
  3. Lazy reference selector
  4. Input reference selector

Edit 1: patched version can be downloaded here


As a quick fix, in the checkboxselector.js file, you can replace this snippet of code at line 354:

                setTimeout(dojo.hitch(this, function() {
                this.ignoreChange = false;
            }), 0);

with this:

                this.ignoreChange = false;

I presume this whole section of code was created to avoid multiple calls to the onchange event when using the "select all" button. This code change works for me, but I have not tested it with a "select all" button.


The Checkbox set selector has been rewritten recently and has been updated in the AppStore. Please download the latest version. If the problem persists, please file a ticket with a testproject.