Microflow for save in Edit form

Hello, I have a below requirement, can you please help with a solution. In the Edit form on click of save it has to Add the data as a new row instead of updating the current row. I should do this in a microflow but how do i get it to add a new row instead of updating the current row. Thanks in advance
2 answers
  1. Delete the save button
  2. Add a microflow button, caption 'Save' and image 'Save' so it looks the same as your original button
  3. Create and select a MF
  4. In the microflow: Create an object row, copy data and associations from incoming object and commit, rollback incoming object and close the page.

I am still curious why you want this.


Hi Prathibha,

If you are doing this with the reason to keep historical data and keep track of it, I can advise you to use the audittrail widget from the app store. Just search for audittrail