Microflow settings (progressbar, asynchronous calltype) when calling from Navigation menu

Hello, I have a microflow that opens a page, which is called from the navigation menu. It could take a few seconds to generate the data for this page, so I would like to add a progressbar, so the user is notified that something is going on when he clicks the menu item. However, when opening a microflow from the navigation menu, there are no options to include a progressbar (or to choose asynchronous calltype). Is there a solution/work around for this, so I can include a progress bar? I have now included a page without data, but with a microflow button, which then calls the actual page with data including the progressbar, but this is not really an ideal solution, as this requires an extra click. Are there any other solutions/workarounds for this? Thanks!
2 answers

Create a form with only the message Wait a moment please. Place the microflowtimer widget on this form with the settings execute once and let it start inmediately.




that seems to do the trick, thanks!