Remove grey borders in split pane

How can I remove the grey borders of a split pane that are shown when the Mendix 2.5 app is run in a browser? Apps developed in 2.4 did not show these borders for split panes.
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To remove the borders from the split pane (not the seperator) you have to insert the following code to the custom.css in the theme you are using. It's not possible to change this in the Modeler.

.tundra .dijitSplitContainer-child, .tundra .dijitBorderContainer-child {
border-style: none;

This or next week the tutorials of how to built your own custom theme will be made public for Mendix 2.5.


Sounds like you should use a table. Split panes are intended to be resizable and have therefore a border


You should change the style of the split pane. I think this is possible in the properties. You should put something like border-style:none; or something similar. Its probably the CSS that is creating the border and you can add your own custom css in the style property to overwrite the default style.


I'd like to be able to resize the pane, but I don't like a border to be shown around it. I would prefer to only view a seperator (no border). If you'd like to see an example of what I mean, you could create a split pane in version 2.4.6 of Mendix. In that version a seperator will be visible, but there is no grey border around the pane.


I tried "border-style: none;" and "border: none;" but both are not working. I think it's because a split pane consists of more than one HTML elements.