ExcelImporter module has an error after migration to Mx514

After migration to Mx514 I get the following error: The mapping does not align anymore with the underlying schema. Please press 'Select Elements' and confirm with 'OK' to update the mapping. Details: Attribute 'Nillable' does not match schema element 'ExcelTemplate/Title'. XML to Domain value mapping 'Title' XML-to-domain mapping 'XMLToDom_ExcelTemplate' I have fixed this as the error suggests but I don't know wether the functionality that uses this mapping will still work. I suppose this is used when exporting and importing templates. We only use really simple Excel imports so importing the xls to create a template works for us.
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The 5.14 release contains a lot of XML Mapping improvements. The modeler had asked you to reconfirm the new mapping structure.

That structure is used for exporting and importing the templates into different applications. I haven't downloaded 5.14 yet so I'm not sure with the impact is. We'll be looking at that in the next couple of days.

I just looked at the impact of the 5.14 changes to the Excel Importer and Database Replication modules (they share the same code base).
Both modules will have issues in 5.14, the modules will only be able to 'create all objects'. Any synchronize option that searches for existing data will most likely give you a runtime error when synchronizing.
Also the module currently does not support the new Decimal type, if you map the excel/database value to a Decimal attribute the module will ignore the errors because the attribute type is not known.

We are currently testing and fixing all scenario's