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I added the CKEditor to one of my apps. I really like it - great work Mendix! I have encountered one problem, and I am wondering if it is a setting somewhere in my app. When I create text in the CKEditor widget, either by typing or by pasting it in, everything works well. However, when I set the value of the text attribute via a microflow, it never appears in the editor. The attribute is populated, and I can see them in a text box or rich text editor, the contents just don't display in the CKEditor widget. I saw in some of the widget release notes that this issue may have been an issue previously. I have installed all of the different releases of the widget into the app and see the same issue. Is there a setting or something I am missing?
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Mystery solved. The CKeditor doesn't display contents is if is used inside of a table row that is conditionally visible (i.e. based on an enumeration or boolean attribute variable). I have filed ticket # 206061.

Now to find a workaround until the fix is released.....



just to be sure, remove the widget from your project folder and download the latest version again. Also make sure that you have the refresh in client option set to yes (if the microflow trigger is on the same screen).

I'm saying this, because I made a test setup in Mx13.1 with chrome and it works fine here, both in the CKEditor and CKViewer.