Mendix changed the working of the round function in Mx 5.14

Please note that Mendix changed the working of the round function in 5.14. Previously the (common) method "Round half up" was used: 12.5 rounds to 13 13.5 rounds to 14 Mendix now uses the method "Round half to even": 12.5 rounds to 12 13.5 rounds to 14 I hope this slipped trough by accident, although I am still in discussion with support (ticket 205981). Their first reaction is that this new method is "by design". Please be warned... EDIT: Because there were some doubts if this is a new method I double checked it with an older Mendix version, and added the test project to the ticket I am aware of the announcement of this new method in the release notes (as a "fix"). However I disagree with this new method because: The "Round half to even" method is the most widely use method of rounding. Changing the method of a current function has a great impact on current systems (regardless which method you prefer)
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Are you sure? Mendix always does bankers rounding to my knowledge.




From release notes for 5.14.0, " Ensured that rounding in microflow expressions always uses bankers' rounding (round half even)."

Not being a rounding expert, I don't know if these two things (bankers rounding and round half even) are inconsistent. Just wanted to let everyone know that the release notes do mention this.