double blocking pop-up

Hi, I have read this issue: describes the same problem as I have, so I think it's back. The situation is: I have a single click default button trigger on a data-grid, the default button triggers a microflow that opens a blocking pop-up form My issue is: When I double click the row in the data-grid, the blocking-popup form is opened twice. This should not happen. Also because a blocking popup is always in the middle of the screen I can't see that there is another popup behind it. Is there something I can do about this behaviour?
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We encountered also the same issue. There are two possible solutions you can try:

  1. Save a non-persistent object with a datetime stamp, associated with the object you are working with for every click. In the onclick MF check whether there is already such a non-persistent object. Depending on the time interval between the two clicks you can act accordingly (we used this for the calendar widget).

  2. Check the input parameter (object) in the onclick MF; if it's empty, then it's the second click and you can act accordingly.

These are work-arounds of course, and is to be tested in your specific situation. I don't know any real solution for this.