Replacement for Context Sharing

In the 2.5 beta I see that the Context Sharing for grids is deprecated. Where do I find the new function to make grids depent on eachother? Let's say I have a (ticket-1:n-tasks) and (task-1:n-activities) and I want to have a form that shows me a single ticket (id in a text field) and 2 grids, grid 1 shows the related tasks based on the ticket, grid 2 shows me the related activities of the task selected in grid 1. How do I acomplish this for datagrids and is it also possible for a template grid to 'listen' to another grid?
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You can define listen behaviour on a dataview using the listen target property. See the dataview documentation for more explanation.

Data grids and template grids can listen to other grids by putting them in a dataview which listens to a grid.

See also the moving from 2.4 to 2.5 guide for an explanation of all deprecated elements.