Conversion Java Library error

Hi community, We are trying to migrate a project from Mendix 4.8.9 to 5.13.0, but we've come across a hurdle which we can't seem to get over. In the last step of the conversion (Migrating the Java libraries), we get an error stating: "An error has occurred while running the migration. Press Next to try again" and clicking on next will result in the same screen popping up. No further explanation is given on the errors that occur. We have: Solved all java errors in Eclipse during conversion We have removed underscores from Java actions in Mendix I've checked for possible duplicated jar and widgets Any ideas? Please, Any help will be highly appreciated
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The only real way of debugging this is by removing a jar at the time and restarting. Not nice but doable. Once it is starts you have the jar that is giving the problems.