Page Security issue

I have home currently used by 4 different user roles. i have 4 differnt approve buttons in that page. i just wanted to know which is the best practice whether creating 4 different home page with one approve button associated to that user or same home page and giving visibility to that button based on userrole
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Why not create 1 microflow that splits into SUB_microflows for each role? This way you only have 1 button and 1 page and only have to adjust 1 microflow should another role become available


If the buttons are the only difference I would create one page and set visibility on the buttons based on the role.

If the page also contains other elements that are displayed or editable based on role, you might be better off using separate pages and snippets. Cramming it all on one page may make the page rather complex to maintain, and also to render, causing response time issues.