Redirect to originating deeplink page after logout

The deeplink module works fine for anonymous users. However when a users logs in and then logs out of the application the URL is redirected to the regular home page, instead of the originating deeplink page. For example: Default home page of the application: http://app,com Deeplink home page using deeplink: When a user of customer1 logs out, the system redirects to instead of We already set the option 'Use as Home' but doesn't help. Any idea how to solve this issue?
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I think this requires some java code: Store the link for the user, so that you can retrieve this on logout. Implement your own logout button that calls a microflow, retrieving the user's link. In the microflow call a java action, pass it the link, and kill the user session and redirect to the link.

Hope this helps you in the direction of a solution.