Full height for Google map widget?

Hi All, I wondered if it is possible to give a 100% height for a Google map widget . Currently it only accept fix digit in pix , but I really like to enable my Google fill the entire page in any screen size (without displaying Scroll bars so giving it a massive number like 1200px is not what I am looking for : ) Thanks a million Ben
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What you could do is add a CSS rule to your main CSS-file, like:

.googleMapsWidget > div {
    height: 100vh !important;

If you add this kind of rule to your googlemapswidget.css than you can ommit the '!important'.

This will only work for the div the GoogleMaps widget is in, though. So if you only display that on a page, you should be fine. When you have two tables of whatever, the GoogleMapswidget will only be as high as the table it is in...

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