Sign out issue in Mobile App

Hi, I am currently working on a mobile app in Mendix and I am new to mobile applications in general. However, while creating the functionality for our mobile application and testing it. We have ran into a problem with the signing out of the application. Example, I have one user that is the customer. I log in as customer and test some functionality and after that I log out. Next, I try to log in as a user that is a chef, so I can test their functionality from their standpoint. However, when I log in I get sent to the desktop forms and not the mobile forms. Therefore, we can only log into the mobile forms once when we run our application and then after that if we log in again we are sent to desktop instead. The only solution we found is restarting the application....but that's kind of annoying to restart every time to test different users. Has anybody ran into this issue before? I appreciate any advice. Thanks
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I have run into a similar issue. Refresh of the problem solves it. I think it is a bug in the standard MX-login widget