Token Replacer could not find association for unsaved specialised objects

The Token Replacer of the Mx Model reflection module could not find associated objects of unsaved objects if the association was in a generalisation of the unsaved object. Eg. A car has an owner. The (saved) owner of a racecar could not be found if the racecar was not yet saved. I solved this by changing line 112 of the TokenReplacer.jave into: if (association.getOwner() == AssociationOwner.BOTH || association.getParent().getName().equals(objectTypeStart.getValue(context, MxObjectType.MemberNames.CompleteName.toString())) || Core.isSubClassOf(association.getParent().getName(), replacementObject.getType()) // ADDED ) Now it works. Where can I do a pull request for such a change. I cannot find the module in GitHub.
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If it is not available on github, file a ticket with support.