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UPDATE 21-04-2015 from Johan den Haan: We implemented: List operations : "Head" or "Get first", and for completeness also "Tail" This will be released as part of 5.16. We also aim to implement "Autospace" and "Debug keyboard shortcuts" this quarter (5.17 or 5.18). UPDATE 03-04-2015: As you can see in the accepted answer of Johan, he will come back before the end of the month. Also in discussion with Mendix we've decided a few changes to the process (which applies for the next Idea Forum): Working with quarters instead of months. Therefor Mendix can process and bundle ideas more efficiently. Mendix will then look at more features instead of just the top 2-3, as Johan already mentioned. Limitation for a maximum of one Idea per person will not be longer applicable. There will still be a limitation of maximum of 3 ideas per person. Please don't post multiple ideas in one answer. This will make it harder to determine which are actually the best idea's. The next Idea forum will be opened in the beginning of May. Thank you all for the enthusiastic reactions and giving so much input. Really cool to see this happening :) Goal: Capture ideas from developers in the Mendix Community to give Mendix each month a clear short list of 2-3 features which are supported the most (this means: the most upvotes) by the community. This is the communities democratic voice for a strong suggestion to Mendix for the upcoming release, and hopefully we'll see some good ideas released within the monthly platform releases this way. Reason: Because there is no other idea forum yet. Also we see many good ideas disappear within days from this forum. Last but not least there are many good ideas submitted to the Mendix support portal which are not scheduled for release because it's unclear how many support there is for a certain feature from the community. Background: This is often requested This post is done in consultation with Mendix. Rules: You can apply only 1 feature per month / thread. This is not a place for bug fixes, please use the support portal for that. Upvote and comment(!) Check the latest Mendix version if your feature is still applicable No custom widgets features This thread is moderated, each month there will be a new thread Use the following layout to submit a new features in this thread: Short description Short motivation (mention business value, impact and urgency) Support ticket number (can also be created afterwards)
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Great initiative!

Thanks for all the ideas. We will process the top 5, investigate the impact, and get back to you with a plan at the end of the month!


Wonderful idea, this will make Mendix even better!

Microflow editor productivity tools

Some small improvements to make modelling more productive.

  • Autospace: when an action is dropped in a microflow and there is no space to put it there, all actions on the right-side are moved to to make space
  • Smart reconnect : when two actions are moved on a line the connections are reconnected to the first and from the last.
  • Multi-enum Split: allow multiple enums on a line to make it more readable and avoid too many lines.

I often run into the fact that I cannot get the first item of a list and also that I have to duplicate code doing the same thing on another object of the same type.

Microflow enhanced existing actions

  • List operations : "Head" or "Get first", and for completeness also "Tail"
  • Create Variable of type object
  • (and not so often ran into, but fitting in this list) Java actions with List of AnyObject parameter to write some more generic java

Debug keyboard shortcuts

In every development application there are debug shortcuts (F10 step-over,F11 step-in etc.) but in the Modeler it is missing. Adding this feature will improve analysis/solving time when debugging. And I hate mouse clicks in general ;)

Support ticket number: 101172

Please comment and upvote this answer to get it on the shortlist!


Generate Microflow for Standard Buttons

Developing in Mendix is really fast. Using the standard Edit, New, save and cancel buttons on the generated grid and pages !

But on the long run, almost ALL standard buttons are replaced by a microflow buttons. Manually I have created many, many, microflows who doing the same thing and added a small custom feature.

It would be time saving to have a context menu option named 'Replace with microflow Button'. It will replace the standard buttons (new, edit, save, close, cancel etc) with a microflow button, with the same caption, image and generates a microflow that replaces the standard action. After that, the developer only need to apply the extra changes and saving him 1 minute per button an application.

How many button did you already replace?


Break on (uncaught) Exception.

When you make a mistake within Mendix, you will receive an ugly and unreadable exception in your console. If you don't know where and what caused this, then you need to investigate the trace message, to set a break point and run again.

My suggestion to let Mendix break at the point where the exception is happening. With a stack trace you can see where the Microflow is called from. The feature would look like the 'break on exception' function of many browser developer tools.

This would save a about 2 minutes per exception :D and saves you 3 more minutes of agitation.

Cheers and enjoy debugging!


Column conditional visible in DataGrid

  • Functionality, currently available per table row in a DataView
  • Allow this per column in a DataGrid
  • Will make DataGrid more flexible

Needed this functionality before and found similair threads on the forum. DataGrid extension does not allow conditional visibility unfortunately.


Great initiative!

Here is my first one then.

Automatically create reference selectors

When creating a new data view, the attributes will be included automatically. It would be nice if reference selectors would be created for references as well.

The idea: Optionally, indicate on the entity which attribute is the default attribute for reference selectors. When connecting an entity to a data view, create a reference selector for each reference with a default attribute on the referenced entity.

This improves speed of development.

Ticket 102671


Matrix of userroles and moduleroles

  • See in one view per userrole and per module the moduleroles
  • Quickly find if the userrole has the correct moduleroles

The userroles and moduleroles allows great flexibility. Unfortunalty, when projects are getting more complex and bigger in terms of developers and functionality, the userroles and moduleroles can 'walk out the hand'. A good overview in the modeler can help to keep the userroles and moduleroles transparant.


(Conditional) Editable template grid

Make it possible that an entry in a template grid can be edited, while another cannot. For example: A template grid contains a list of stocks I'd like to invest in. First column is the name of the stock, the second is the amount I'd like to invest. Currently it isn't possible to 'easily' edit this inline.


Snippets that can be used for datagrid columns and datagrid search fields

A tab page construction with multiple datagrids in it which are all filtered on a other status is quiet a maintainability challenge. Example: 4 tab pages with only different constraint for orders in several statusses. Most times the search fields, datagrids settings and datagrid columns are identical.

The snippet feature for datagrid columns and datagrid search fields will make applications better maintainable and more consistent.


List Operation to Filter or Find where Attribute is GREATER or LESS a given value.

Providing this functionality reduces on the amount of time required in re-retrieving from the db objects which are usually already in memory. it improves on efficiency of any process eg: in a loop.