Setting IFrame Width

I like the I Frame App and i know you can set the width, but you cannot set the width which is annoying. I have tried in the style part putting: width:100%; however this didn't work. I have found the section in the javascript that makes the style and i could edit it there, but obviously this is not a ideal solution as it's not my code. How can i change the width without changing the code? There must be css you can put in to adjust the IFrames style? For next version of the app being able to set width as well would be nice!
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The idea is that the IFrame always uses the width of the surrounding table cell, so you might want to set the width by manipulating the surrounding table. I saw however that the required style attribute was accidentally removed; it has been fixed in the newest version available in the appstore (1.0.1).

To change the style using a stylesheet the following selector can be used:

.IFrame iframe { }