Java OutOfMemory during compile

Hello, After importing a module with quite a lot of java files, our project won't compile anymore: the modeler gives a 'Java.lang.OutOfMemory: Java heap space' error after pressing 'Run locally'. After thorough investigation, I suspect the problem is the project/userlib folder has gotten too big and there are too many java files for the compiler to compile. After deleting some files from the userlib folder, the project compiles again successfully. When the userlib folder is 79,7 mb, it won't compile. After deleting one file (doesn't matter which file), the folder is 78,2 mb and it does compile. is there indeed a maximum size that the modeler can compile? is there a way to increase this maximum size? or is there another solution without deleting files from the userlib folder? I'm using Modeler 5.6 on Windows 7. thanks!
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Most of the time it helps by closing your modeler and reopen it again and then do a recompile. Because then the modeler has a clean memory. Just closing the project and then reopen does not always help. Only restarting of the modeler. Out of memory are soon a thing of the past when Mendix will post a 64 bit version of the modeller in the very near future.

To check you Java Heap size goto Project / Settings / Configurations and choose edit. You will see this: Server settings

Here you can set the Java Heap. Try to set it higher to see if it helps. Note that this only influance your local heap. Not the settings in the cloud.




that sounds like it would solve the problem, but unfortunately it doesn't change anything!

I tried increasing the max java heap size, even to 4gb, but I still get the same Java compile error...

Perhaps the heap space configured here, is only for the server and it is not used for compiling?


I have the same problem with the Mendix 6.10.2 modeler on my 32bit windows 10 virtual machine.
The problem is during building locally, not running/starting the app locally.

The userlib folder is around 75MB.
Does anybody know how to increase the java heap size of the builder tool?