Where is the rest of my dojox

It appears that not all of dojox is included in Mendix' version of Dojo. I would like to take advantage of swipe gestures in Web apps, but require dojox.gesture.swipe for that. Unfortunately its not bundled. I could get the desired behaviour I want by augmenting the dojo provided by Mendix, but I was wondering why this isn't included? The only side effect I have with including the rest of the package is an non-impeding error: mxui.js:21 Error: multipleDefine {src: "dojoLoader", info: Object, stack: (...), message: "multipleDefine"} Other than that, I can successfully generate the Swipe gesture. Would there be any risk in including experimental packages included by Dojo themselves? Please advise.
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There is another topic about this: https://forum.mendix.com/questions/7788/How-to-include-additional-dojo-modules-in-a-custom-widget