NTLM Webservice Module - Empty response

Currently implementing the NTLM webservice module but the documentation is somewhat unclear to me. I've added a Consumed Web Service and created bot schemes (domain-xml and xml-domain). Currently trying to create the microflow (from documentation at Doc). <iframe width="100%" height="491px" frameborder="0" src="https://modelshare.mendix.com/models/289a06f8-cea3-4c6b-948a-0a88d4e9654c/test-call?embed=true"></iframe> However my response filedocument is empty, even though the response from the webservice is true (which indicates there is a response according to our partner). Any idea why my response remains empty?
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Make sure your URL and SOAP Action are set appropriately:

  • For the URL, it should be the same as you would set in a native web service.
  • Your soap action is the actual name of the "function" you are calling, which looks like this in a WSDL: .

    < soap:operation soapaction="sayHello" />

In this example, you would be calling the sayHello SOAP action.