Calendar Widget.Object could not be updated;does not exist error.

Hi all, I am currently working on making recurring events in my calendar widget. I got some scenarios working and when I started testing this is when I came across this error. "Object of type 'PacikaApp.CalendarEvent' with guid '6192449487636033' cannot be updated, as it does not exist anymore" This error occurs when I have a series of repetitive events and I edit the event for the whole series. The events are created through a repetition value N. So I entered a less value of current N, so the events of the calendar should be less. Ex. 5 dates to 3 dates. However, when I did this and tested it, that's when the error occurs and loses the object of the CalendarEvent that I am changing on the current form. I have looked through the forum for some answers and found something similar, but it was resolved that Mendix had a bug with uncommitted object referencing committed objects. As well I have moved around my object for CalendarEvent testing this error and even saved/committed it before saving the list of calendar events that will be changed to be saved from the editing. However, the error still occurred and I still lose the object from the form. I am not sure if this is a bug or maybe I am going through a wrong approach in my microflow. Has anybody ran into this issue recently? Thanks for any advice.
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