Bootstrap datepicker widget styling not showing

Hi all, After adding the jqueryui library (jquery-ui.min 1.11.3) to the Bootstrap datepicker widget, the (bootstrap) styling of the datepicker disappeared. The reason I needed to add this library is because I want to pass dates from the modeler that are selectable to the datepicker by using the beforeShowDay option in datepicker. When I inspect the elements of the datepicker, the classes have changed to ui-datepicker-etc., whereas in the .css files in the widget (datepicker.css and datepicker3.css) it is looking for the class "datepicker". My question is: why is this happening and how can I get the nice bootstrap styling back? I have tried renaming the class being styled in datepicker.css and datepicker3.css to ui-datepicker, but that did not help. Thanks
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Hi Virjanand,

It is probably the jquery-ui library that took over the initialization of your calendar and therefore determines the css class names used. If you also add the css that comes with the jquery ui library all should be good again.