Date in webservice and UTC time problems

Allthough there is excellent documentation about time handling in Mendix I sometimes still get mistified about certain aspects. We use a webservice to retrieve all kind of data. We retrieve the birtday of persons through this webservice. This is what I receive: <empl_birthdate>1984-12-23</empl_birthdate> In the model we have set the Scheduled event time zone set to UTC so that the microflow that does the import runs with a UTC timezone. The webservice stores the above as a date field with localize off. Now I would have expected that the stored date time would be: 1984-12-23 00:00:00 But it will store the date as 1984-12-23 23:00:00 or 1984-12-23 22:00:00 depending on the summer or wintertime. It seems like that the webservice always localize the date when it stores the webservice response to the database. My assumption always was that the timezone of the microflow that consumed the webservice was responsible on how the date was handled but this seems not to be the case. But how can I influance the date time handling of the webservice? The workaround now would be to just save it as a string and do the conversion from there, but I always want to now why things are happening :) Regards, Ronald
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First of all, localize only affects how a date looks in the client and how the client interprets a date entered by a user, all through the web interface. So that setting does not come into play here.

I'm not 100% sure on this but I do believe that a web service date(time) without timezone information (even without a simple Z) should be interpreted as the server timezone, but it's been a while since I knew all of this on top of my head. If the other side wants the date to be interpreted as UTC, there should be a Z after it.

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