Cannot start Mx 5.13 service

When trying to start a Mx 5.13 (after conversion from 4.7.2), it fails. For this, the following setup is made Deploy package 5.13 Installation of JRE 7.76 Windows 2008 R2 64-bits Installation of Server Distribution 5.13.0 Installation of Windows Service 4.2.1 Database in SQL. No credential errors Service configuration, no credential errors Read and write rights on folder structure When hitting the 'Start Service' button, the progress bar appears but nothing happens, no log-lines. Only an empty logfile m2ee_log is created. The Application.log is not created. Anyone knows whats going on?
1 answers

Did you select JRE 7 in the Service Console Configuration settings? (Java path)

Sounds like it's still on JRE6. Overlooked this problem myself once, when converting from 4 to 5.