Close on Save/Cancel = False and Visibility = Only if Allowed not working

I have noticed a couple of issues with some of the new form properties, which appear to be bugs, but I wanted to check first to make sure my interpretation was correct. First I have a number of data view forms where I have set 'Close on Save/Cancel' to false, but the form still closes when I press the Save or Cancel buttons. I'm assuming it should remain open if this property is set. Secondly, on several data grids I have set 'Visible = Only if Allowed' on the delete button, but it still appears for all user roles. I'm assuming this property should refelect the Access Rules set in the domain model. And the delete button should therefore only be visible of the user role has delete access. Could someone confirm. Thanks. UPDATE * 'Visible = Only if Allowed' now works fine once I set security level to production - previously I had it set to prototype/demo. 'Close on Save/Cancel' I was trying to use for popups. from an answer to a previous question I had (mis?)understood this to apply to all forms, since the 'Batch creation' property has now been deprecated. However it appears that this is just be the 'Return on finish' property renamed. I think I can achieve what I want by creating custom buttons & adding them to the control bar.
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Close on Save/Cancel only has effect on forms shown in content. See the data view documentation for more information. Are you maybe trying to use it for popups? If you want to stay inside a popup you can make custom buttons in the data view control bar that do not close the form.

With respect to showing buttons 'only if allowed': your assumption is right. The delete button should only be visible for user roles that are allowed to delete objects of that entity as specified in the access rules in the domain model. Do you have the security level set to production?

And David, the New button checks both the permissions for creating objects and the form that is connected to the New button. Make sure a user has access to both if you want the button to appear.

See the documentation of the various buttons for the visibility rules.


I have seen the opposite behaviour where a New button with Visible-only if allowed is always hidden for Roles that have create permission, and I have had to change it to visible - always to get over this.

Added comment following answer above:

My security level is set to production. The User is a member of 2 roles - one role has access to form, one has access to data and rights to create new records. These rights should be additive?? They appear not to be.