Java course

To make better Apps, I want to understand the basics of Java. I understand the prinicples of inheritance, classes, can implement compilable code etc, but I don't understand the syntax and the structure of Java and how to make it myself. Especially, I want to learn how Java works in combination with Mendix. Can anyone recommend a (Dutch?) course? It might take a few days. Thanks.
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There's no specific Java course in combination with Mendix, learning the specific Mendix API isn't hard once you already know some Java. I don't know about a Dutch course, but starting with the basics at the official tutorial ( isn't a bad idea, it's a pretty decent one.

When you have a real scenario to work on, you will learn much faster just by experience and having to solve real problems.


There are some good books on the subject: top 9 books java And is always a good source for the basics. In the Netherlands you can even do online courses with the LOI.