Cache (and more) problems with Mendix developer app

The Mendix developer app is caching CSS files. Once cached you can do what ever you want: reinstall app, reboot device, clear app cache, clear browser caches, add cacheburst to your index.html. It won't work. The problem is that the index.html it self is cached and anything you add in a later phase will not work. How to solve this? In my opinion the Mendix dev app should open index.html with a cache burst parameter (index.html?burst=random) instead of just index.html. Also I have some other problems with the Android version which are quitte frustrating but less important than the blocking cache issues: 3 finger tap doesn't work always. Then you have to kill the app Login form widget will kick you out of the app, back to the developer app App is crashing often Update 1: Also wrapped apps have cache issues. I tried to add a javascript snippet to my home form which reloads the page with a random param. Unfortunately this doesn't work since Mendix removes index.html parameters. This was working in 5.9.1. but in 5.13 and up, custom added parameters will be removed. This is the code I tried to use now. Any suggestions for forcing cache clearing from javascript? mx.addOnLoad(function(){ var curVersion = "2234578"; var prefVersion = localStorage.getItem("deployment"); if(prefVersion === null || prefVersion === undefined || curVersion != prefVersion) { localStorage.setItem("deployment", curVersion); window.location.replace("file:///android_asset/www/index.html?reload="+curVersion); } }) Note: I also tried to add this piece of code to index.html, than curVersion can use cacheburst. But that doesn't work since, off course, index.html isn't reloaded and the script isn't executed therefore. Update 2: found a work around for android Remove the cache folder from Android/data/com.mendixcloud.yourapp/ . Also works for developer app.
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The caching issues have been solved in a newer version of the Mendix Developer app, v1.0.7. It's already available in the google play store, should be available soon in the Apple store.

As to the 3-finger tap: I've noticed this when the backend is down, in which case you simply restart the app and you can go back again. Does that work for you?

The Login widget is a known issue, can't give you an ETA on a fix though. For now I suggest you simply login directly to the user you want using the demo user feature instead of going via an anonymous session.


As an addition, the Windows Phone Developer app does not work at all on a Nokia Lumia 735.


Are you using a cachebust on the components.json file also? In the default theme it uses a file like the following:

    "cachebust": "2356463",
    "files": {
        "css": ["lib/bootstrap/css/bootstrap.min.css", "mxclientsystem/mxui/ui/mxui.css", "styles/lib/lib.css", "styles/custom.css"],
        "js": ["mxclientsystem/mxui/mxui.js"]
   "meta": [
            "name": "X-MendixVersion",
            "content": "5.8.1"

I did have some issues before with caching, but I haven't seen them in a while and it maybe down to the components.json cachebust?

Also adding cachebust to the index.html javascript imports won't actually work because the developer app/phonegap app doesn't load the scripts from that page. It loads them using the components.json.