Deploy to Sandbox gives error: Failed to build your model:Build job failed: System.Xml.Schema.XmlSchemaException: XmlSchema error: By the defection of the W3C XML Schema specification, it is impossible to supply QName default or fixed values. Related schema item SourceUri: , Line 196, Position 6.

I'm using an XSD with the following: <xs:complextype name="UniformProduct"> <xs:annotation> <xs:documentation> </xs:documentation> </xs:annotation> <xs:simpleContent> <xs:extension base="NonEmptyString"> <xs:attribute name="scheme" type="xs:QName" fixed="overheid:UniformeProductnaam"/> <xs:attribute name="resourceIdentifier" type="URI" /> </xs:extension> </xs:simpleContent> </xs:complexType> on line 196: Is the QName part. By some kind of validation to the cloud this is not accepted. However this was a local project before (so not in the Sandbox) and there it worked fine. Any suggestions how to fix this? Tx in advance. Joy
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