brand specific microflow does not trigger after session times out

Title: Brand specific microflow does not trigger after session times out Description: We have loan origination system with two separate brands called COOP and ReMember. Both have own styling. To start a loan of particular brand we have configured two deep links with styles associated in it: • <host>/link/COOP with index page ‘index-coop.html’ which starts CoopMF microflow • <host>/link/Remember with index page ‘index-remember.html’ which starts RememberMF microflow The default microflow is RememberMF. We have following issues: • When customer applies for a COOP loan he access <host>/link/COOP deep link and URL in bowser becomes: <host>/index-coop.html#11121212 • If customer refresh the browser and there is active session – everything is fine the COOP deeplink is triggered because we have enabled ‘use as Home’ option • But if session expires and customer refresh the browser ‘use as Home’ logic does not work anymore and default MF is being called – RememberMF, but styling stays COOP and URL is <host>/index-coop.html#11121212. We get corrupted state – Remember process with index-coop.html styling it is absolutely unacceptable • Same situation happens when customer enters link <host>/index-coop.html instead of <host>/link/COOP It is easy to reproduce using if you configure two deep links and default navigation. Mendix version we use: 4.5.2 DeepLink module: 4.1.3 And here is response we got from Mendix: When the session has been removed from the server, there isn't any data left that will tell you that the person was on the COOP page. The only place to store that kind of information is the browser of the user itself with the usage of cookies. You need to build your self a custom widget that will store that kind of information. My question: If anyone has implement such kind of widget to write and read cookies, then can you please share your source code? Note: I think in very old version of Mendix 2.5.3- after session timed out, the browser would try to reopen the current page after login, instead of opening Home page, but this feature was removed in newer version.
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