Phonegap SAML2 Request not working

As mentioned in an earlier question, I'm working on integrating SAML2 SSO into an hybrid app. The redirect is working with this piece of code: + "SSO/", "_blank", "location=yes,toolbar=yes"); However, the specific SSO login page is not displaying in the inAppBrowser, while it is working in the web application. I'm pretty sure I've set the whitelisting correctly: <access origin="*" /> When looking at the network requests of the mobile app however, I see that a 'SSO.saml2' request is there in red, contains the RelayState and SAMLRequest, but has 'provisional headers' (which should mean that the request is not actually fired). The elements just show a form with hidden fields... Does anybody have a clue why the request is not made?
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We found the issue; we don't have an SSL certificate for Test. In a normal webbrowser this gives a warning and the possibility to continue, while in the Cordova/Phonegap InAppBrowser you just get a white screen and blocked requests.