Change not coming through after merge

We did a merge from a branch line back to the main line. By coincidence we see that a change on a form is no longer there after the merge. I have never seen this happen before. What could be the reason that the change is not coming through? Here some screenshots: The picture above is the form from the branch where we did a change in a tab of this form. The picture above is the result after the merge in the main line (notice the missing template grid). But the main line has detected that the form has changed (the yellow dot is there). Anybody a guess how this can happen? This is pretty scary, because this makes me wonder what else is not merged. Regards, Ronald [EDIT] More mysteries. I always thought that when selecting a form and clicking right mouse button history I could see in which revision the form or microflow was changed. From the calls for this release I started with checking all the changes. I knew I had made a change on the form below in the branch. But when I click the history it is empty. But in the main line the form is different: Here also the history is empty and the change was again not picked up. [EDIT] All the changes that where not picked up are from one day of programming. The strange part is that everything made that day is in the model. In the branch however no commit of that day can be found. So its seems that a commit was done but somehow svn has not registered this. Totally mistified by this how the changes can end up in the model but not in the history of commits.. Luckily we new all the problems we fixed that day so we rebuild all this again in the main line.
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