REST with array gives A JSONArray text must start with [

This is my link to the restservice:' + $City/Name + '&units=metric' ( in this example q=Amsterdam,NL ) After the java action 'Request' this is my body: {"coord":{"lon":4.89,"lat":52.37},"sys":{"message":0.0062,"country":"NL","sunrise":1429245463,"sunset":1429296133},"weather":[{"id":800,"main":"Clear","description":"Sky is Clear","icon":"01d"}],"base":"cmc stations","main":{"temp":9.331,"tempmin":9.331,"tempmax":9.331,"pressure":1035.9,"sealevel":1035.86,"grndlevel":1035.9,"humidity":61},"wind":{"speed":7.01,"deg":34.0042},"clouds":{"all":0},"dt":1429295711,"id":2759794,"name":"Amsterdam","cod":200} My model is "startdata" ---coord ----< "coordinate" In startdata the value dt, _id, name and code are filled in properly but the table coordinate with the fields "lat" and "lon" are completly empty. I tried to use getcollection but get the error: org.json.JSONException: A JSONArray text must start with '[' at 1 [character 2 line 1] suggestions?
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