Subtracting from a date

Hi Guys, Again I am in need of some help regarding a very simple action in my OQL query. The only thing I want to do is subtract 6 months from the current date and check that my date attribute is smaller than the current date but bigger than or equal to 6 months ago. So in my limited knowledge i thought i could just use DateAdd but that did not seem to work.... Where BM/To >= DATEADD(Month, -6, '[%CurrentDateTime%]') and BM/To <= '[%CurrentDateTime%]' I hope someone is able to help me! I would use the daterange paramater but there i can unfortunately only select a year or a quarter.
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You can substract directly in the token:

Where BM/To >=  '[%CurrentDateTime%] - 6 * [%MonthLength%]' and BM/To <= '[%CurrentDateTime%]'